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Working at the Pit Crew

Full-Time Day-Time Hours

No Evenings or Nights

At Pit Crew Drive Thru, there is lots of work. You will always have full time hours, to make it worth your while. And we are open only during the day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Therefore, no evening or night shifts ever required. You are home every night. 


A Great Start in the Automotive Service Industry

Many of our staff get some of their first job experience working in the automotive service business.


They chose Pit Crew Drive Thru for their passion for cars and trucks and for the opportuntiy to work at something interesting and formative that could prepare them for better jobs or lead them into trades and technology programs. Regardless of why they joined or how long they stayed, a job at Pit Crew Drive Thru created exciting and diverse careers opportunities for many successful Canadians. It’s a great start.


Earn & Learn

Cars and trucks are complex high tech machines. They require precise repair and maintenance that needs to be done properly with the right tools by the right people.


Working at Pit Crew Drive Thru opens the door to the broad and fascinating field of automotive technology. It's a great opportunity to learn and get direct real experience in automotive service.


A Great Team

Being at the heart of the action inspires you. Every person working at Pit Crew Drive Thru plays an important role. Crew and Service Writer work together, constantly communicating and supporting each other in a team atmosphere that is busy and challenging, but always co-operative and fun. We operate with smart and positive energy. We get great personal satisfaction by providing the best quality service and products.  

Positions Available

Oil Change Technicians

As a Pit Crew technician, you are the heart of the operation:

  • You perform the engine oil changes​

  • You inpect the fluid levels

  • You check & adjust vehicle tire pressures

  • You lubricate door & hood hinges

  • You check and replace air filters

  • You check and replace wiper blades

  • You perform transmission services

  • You clean and maintain the shop for proper & orderly operations


Detailers/Rust-Proofing Technicians

As a Pit Crew Detailer, you take vehicles that really need tender loving care and you transform them into clean and welcoming vehcles that feel brand new again: 

  • You wash & wax the exterior

  • You vacuum, clean & shampoo the interior

  • You clean floor mats

  • You detail the dash, doors & interior trims

  • You clean windshield & windows

  • You clean rims and tires

  • You use specialized products and tools to bring the vehicle back to a "just as new" condition

  • You do rust-proofing and undercoating with 3 grades of rust-proofing products


Service Writers

As a Pit Crew Service Writer, you are the brain of the operation:

  • You welcome customers

  • You offer and inform customers on our various oil change service packages based on the vehicle at hand

  • You operate the computerized Point-of-Sale system to record customer, vehicle and service information

  • You process transactions

  • You book detailing and rust-proofing appointments

  • You provide friendly and competent customer service in a professional manner


Please Send Us Your Resume at 
or drop it off in person at any of our locations.

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