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Pit Crew Drive Thru opened its doors to the public on Topsail Road in St. John’s on November 9th, 2004. And for the first time, a drive-thru oil change service, professionally delivered with competitive prices, was available in the St. John's area. We also included a complete car-wash and vehicle detailing service to provide a complete car care service, a first in St. John's then. We added vehicle rust-proofing services from popular demand.
From the beginning and over a short time, a large and loyal customer base came to enjoy the fabulous convenience of a drive-thru oil change service for their vehicles.  Pit Crew Drive Thru has consistently been providing a friendly, professional, reliable and very convenient service. Pit Crew Drive Thru services have been very appreciated by more and more customers who always come back to us.

Recently, we opened a second location at the corner of Torbay Road and Majors Path to satisfy our customers in the east end. Both Pit Crew Drive Thru locations provide the drive thru  oil change services, as well as the vehicle detailing and rustproofing services for your vehicles.

Pit Crew Drive Thru is a proudly Newfoundland owned and operated business. We pride ourselves in buying most or all of our supplies from local Newfoundland companies. It is not a franchise.

Our strong corporate values focus on our customers, quality service, our employees and the local community in which we work and live.

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