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Scheduled Services

Pit Crew Drive Thru offers all the preventive maintenance services required to keep your car running at peak performance. No compromise on your vehicle warranty.

  • Transmission Services

  • SUV & 4X4 Services

  • Rust Proofing Services

  • Vehicle Detailing Services

Pit Crew Drive Thru is truly the Team Behind Your Car.

Vehicle detailing Services

What is Automobile Detailing, anyway?​

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​​​​Exterior Detailing

Depending on the car wash package you choose you may receive any or all of the following exterior services.

  • ​Hand wash and rince - All vehicles.

  • Brighten all chrome trim, bumpers and wheel covers - All vehicles.

  • Minor scratch removal and polishing.

  • Complete exterior rubber and black plastic treatment - Certain packages.

  • Hand Wax - Paste wax applied and removed by hand.

  • Do you have a special requirement? Ask the manager for advice.


Interior Detailing

​Depending on the package you choose you may receive any or all of the following interior detailing services.

  • ​Vacuum floors, trunk space and seats.

  • Shampoo/steam clean and deodorize all carpets and upholstery - Removes salt stains in majority of cases.

  • Degrease dashboard, door panels and all interior leather and vinyl.

  • Apply protectant to dashboard, door panels and vinyl - Apply special protectant to leather seats and leather surfaces.

  • Thoroughly clean all air vents, ashtrays and instruments.

  • Clean the headliner and windows.

  • Clean and degrease all door surrounds.

Professional vehicle detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning the car inside and out. Shampooing upholstery, carpets, etc. will put the “new car” feeling back without the new car payments! Here is what we can do to your vehicle ...

Rust Proofing - Vehicle Undercoating Services

In Newfoundland we get a lot of snow and salting is inevitable to keep our roads safe. Saltwater spray trapped in metal vehicle folds and creases doesn't freeze and the salt content greatly accelerates the rate of corrosion. Calcium chloride can also draw moisture from the air, so the salt accumulated in the winter can continue to cause rusting in summer, even when there is no water on the roads. 

Protect your vehicle from rust!   

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