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Drive-Thru Services

Preventative maintenance is the key to a

safe trouble-free vehicle. Vehicle

maintenance must be done right,

consistently and regularly. The Pit Crew

makes it easy. Here is how and why ...

  • ​Pit Crew Drive Thru follows the maintenance procedures prescribed by the manufacturer of your vehicle, at the service intervals prescribed in your vehicle’s Owners Manual.

  • Pit Crew Drive Thru provides top quality products and services, performed by fully qualified professionals.​

All our preventative maintenance services are “Warranty Approved”. This means that if your vehicle maintenance is carried out and documented according to the manufacturer’s vehicle maintenance program outlined in the Owners Manual of your vehicle, the warranty will remain valid.

We keep track of your service records and vehicle manufacturer recommendations so that you, and your car, can keep moving. Our technicians and competent lube specialists do the job well and fast. But more importantly, they do it right. Everything we do is 100% guaranteed.

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